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Master Cleanse Pack

RAW. FRESH. COLD PRESSED. 100% NATURAL. We’ve put our own modern spin on this popular oldie “Lemonade Diet.” Seven days of flooding your body with our two most popular lemon based juices, providing the ultimate cleanse and boosting of energy and immunity. Our spin on this cleanse allows you to consume fruit and vegetables on specific days throughout the week and our simple instruction card will provide you with basic instructions for a successful cleanse. PACK CONTENTS 2 x half gallon (64oz) Swamp Water 3 x half gallon (64oz) Sweet Heat

Surprise Box

RAW. FRESH. COLD PRESSED. 100% NATURAL. Who doesn’t like surprises? This six pack of randomly selected juices is a nice surprise waiting just for you. SURPRISE! PACK CONTENTS 6 x Fresh Juice 16 fl. oz.

The Dozen

RAW. FRESH. COLD PRESSED. 100% NATURAL. We’re passing the juice on to you. With a whole dozen, the possibilities are endless. We know your body will be thanking you. A dozen of your favorite raw, fresh & cold pressed juices. PACK CONTENTS 12 x Fresh Juice 16 fl. oz.

JuiceDefined Gift Cards

It’s always time to give AND gift! Birthdays, holidays, graduations, promotions, you name it. We have the perfect gift. The gift of health. These digital gift cards serve as a reminder that your recipient is loved and you really wish them well. We’ll take care of the rest!