There's no success without a team. The team helps drive the vision and mission that makes success possible.

By Fathiyyah “Tia” Doster


Welcome to our Partnership Page!

Built on family and community values.

At JuiceDefined, we believe in the power of partnerships to create incredible opportunities and transformative collaborations. We are dedicated to forging strong alliances with like-minded organizations, businesses, and individuals who share our vision and ambition.

Our Partnership Page serves as a recognition platform for those who have committed to exploring mutually beneficial ventures with us.

Through strategic alliances, we aim to drive innovation, foster growth, and make a positive impact in the community and the world. By leveraging the collective expertise, resources, and networks of our partners, we can achieve far more together than we ever could alone.

Thank you for partnering with us and helping us drive our mission of creating access to healthier options.