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Five Minute Juice Recipes Manual

Do you have FIVE minutes for your health? Well, if so, we’re here to help you prep your juice and prep it quick. We’ve got the quickest five recipes you’ll ever need to keep your healthy journey moving right along.

Detox & Fasting Manual

Are you a beginner in this healthy lifestyle thing? No need to fret, we got you. In this practical approach to detoxing and fasting, we take you through what it means to detox and fast and how this can improve your quality of life forever. Take a bet on yourself and get started today!

Detox Affirmations Manual

This manual and accountability guide walks you through 30 days of challenging everything you think you know about yourself while affirming you the whole way. Use this manual to boost your mental, emotional and physical energy and confidence.

7 Day Modified Detox Manual

This guide alone will help you through an entire week of mindset and lifestyle change. Use this manual and recipes inside to create the juices you need to start your healthy lifestyle.

Juice Detox Mini Manual

This mini manual walks you through three days of juice detoxing.